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Our focus is 100% on the client and your complete satisfaction is of utmost IMPORTANCE

All of our products have been chosen to provide the perfect solution for your design specifications. With over 40 years’ combined experience as a premiere installing distributor of operable walls and folding partitions, you can’t go wrong choosing Bravura.


When you purchase a product from Bravura we will stay in regular contact with you throughout the sale, manufacturing, delivery and the installation process. We will clarify the details of your order up front. Double-check the specifications prior to manufacturing. Confirm the status as each phase is completed. Sync our delivery with your schedule and notify you if any changes become necessary along the way.


For deliveries from our factory to warehouses and building sites, we use trusted third-party transporters and out own certified installers. Bravura has a real world, on-time deliver goal of 98%. That means you can count on us to deliver and install your walls on the mutually agreed-upon date. If any changes arise as a result of construction or other delays, just give us a call and we’ll work with you to reschedule.  


We take pride in making sure that your Bravura product delivery and installation go as smoothly as possible. Most products can be manufactured in less than 6 weeks and some finishes and configurations can take a little longer. So communication and planning during this phase are key. Your Project Manager will work closely with you to set a delivery date that syncs with your project timeline. If you need to make a change after manufacturing has begun, we will work together to adjust the delivery schedule as needed.


If you contact us with a question or concern, we’ll acknowledge your contact via phone or email on or before the next business day. If problems or issues arise, we will work with you to come up with a fair solution and get a plan in place within three working days. 

we take quality personally

All Bravura processes are guided by the Bravura Quality Policy. In a nutshell this policy promises that, when any product leaves our warehouse, your product will be free of manufacturing defects and accompanied by a quality checklist that has been personally authorized by a team leader. Moreover, all Bravura products come with a built-in, one-year manufacturing warranty. When you or your clients purchase an annual service package from us, we will extend that warranty for up to five years. 

demos & service calls are no problem

Bravura distributed products are designed to be straightforward to use and complete operating instructions are provided with every installation. However, if you or your clients would like a demonstration or refresher on how to take advantage of the Bravura products or features, give us a call. Our service technicians are always available to provide in-person demonstrations and ongoing maintenance. 

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