Working in a Daylit Environment

Bravura have Solatube installed in our office space

Have you ever heard of the term biophilia? If you are a business owner, CEO or someone who manages employees, you’re going to want to become familiar with it.

Biophilia is the emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms. How does that translate into the workplace? It comes through adding natural elements, such as potted plants, natural light, quiet work spaces, and bright colours. These natural elements help to build resiliency to everyday stressors and create a more pleasant working environment. 

There was a study done in 2013 that shows a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and employees sleep, activity levels and overall quality of life. Between 2014 & 2016, there were several reports released from the World Green Building Council, the International Well Building Institute and Human Spaces explaining the importance of our connection with natural elements as human beings. Out of all of these elements, the feature that employees wanted the most was…. you guessed it; daylight!

Neuroscientists have found that natural light improves productivity and sale by anywhere from 3% – 40% and has the potential to increase creativity by 15%. It improves moods, reduces stress and positively impacts circadian system functioning, meaning that it helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle. Daylight even has an impact on the amount of sick leave taken by employees, showing a variation of 6.5% in a workplace study.

How can we help? As one of the top suppliers of daylighting products, we have the ability to bring natural light into your workplace no matter what the challenge. 

We truly believe in the benefits of introducing daylight into the work environent, which is why we have installed Solatube Tubular Daylighting Devices throughout our office space and our employees love it! 

Let Bravura bring the light into your workplace too! 




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