UL® Certification – Safety Standards for Modernfold, Inc.

Modernfold safety for customers and end users is the number one priority when engineering flexible space solutions. They provide panels that soundly operate on a regular basis and ensure proper manufacturing and installation. The UL®-Certified equipment demonstrates safety, compliance, and sustainability with EVERY space solution.

Underwriters Laboratories, also known as UL®, has safety-certified products, facilities, and systems for over 120 years. Based on industry-wide standards, UL® strives to provide a safer and more sustainable world with applied safety science and hazard-based engineering. UL® certification most frequently covers electrical safety, fire risks, and other product hazards, ensuring products are safe to use.

UL® Certification is vital for movable walls because customers want to trust that their wall will be properly manufactured and safety-tested. With this certification, you can be rest assured that you and everyone around your wall will be completely safe.

Modernfold UL®-Certified products include ComfortDrive®, Acousti-Clear® Motorized, MorphGlas™ and Fire-Rated Acousti-Seal®. You’ll find UL®-Certified markings on the control box for ComfortDrive®, on the vertical edge of every Acousti-Clear® Motorized panel, or on a certificate screwed inside the pocket door for Fire-Rated Acousti-Seal®.

Our skilled and certified engineers, Modernfold tests that every installed system meets UL® movable wall standards. We provide quality installations, top-notch customer service, and most importantly, the assurance that you are protected and compliant with global safety regulations.

Furthermore, we closely work with UL® to re-evaluate our processes and products over time, thus, creating long-term safety and certification.

UL® Certification is no easy task – Modernfold conducts extensive testing to ensure UL® standards are met. In addition, UL® schedules quarterly visits to Modernfold’s manufacturing facility in Dyersville, Iowa. Inspectors visit our factory unannounced, indicating that we are constantly following UL® standards and are always prepared for inspection. Furthermore, Modernfold sends samples of our products to UL®, allowing them to review our electrically operated space solutions in-depth and forecast what will happen to our walls if a component suddenly fails to operate.

UL® also visits our suppliers to ensure the same specified materials are still being used. They’ll conduct a deep investigation including packaging and purchase order history. After Modernfold is certified, UL® provides a follow-up procedure that we continuously follow.

UL® Certified products tend to be more expensive, and the process can take approximately six months to complete, but the certification provides a guaranteed peace of mind that you and others will be safe with our safety-tested space solutions!




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