Solatube: It’s a start to the New Day

One where you want to spark creativity, maximize productivity, and provide an environment that inspires everyone in it. Perhaps the best-known way is by using daylighting to bring outside light in. At Solatube we make this happen every day across the globe by pioneering industry leading tubular daylighting technologies that bring natural light to places that were previously unimaginable. Technologies that have changed the game in daylighting, from lighting methods beholden to the sun’s position and the building site’s orientation, to an energy efficient top lighting approach that harvests a consistent source of daylight throughout the day and the year.

Technologies that use patented optical lenses and reflectors that capture sunlight from virtually any angle, including low angles in the early morning, late day, winter months, and northern climates. Our technologies then transfer the captured light through modular tubes made of the world’s most reflective material with the ability to carry brilliant light from multiple stories. Ultimately, these technologies deliver the light beautifully, always maintaining light levels, intensity, and colour.

Whether providing ambient lighting for offices, schools, or high volume areas, or using task lighting to create a visual focus, provide grow lighting, and even deliver light underground. Or bringing out architectural brilliance with unique accent lighting from wall washes to spotlighting, decorative, theatrical, and environment lighting. Whatever designs you can think up, Solatube can provide a solution.

At Solatube, we provide the most comprehensive tubular daylight product lines available to deliver these benefits. Everywhere from the tightest corridor, to a sizable classroom, or the largest sports arena. With these systems comes unrivalled control of your daylight environment from zero to ten volt dimming integration to match your changing lighting needs throughout the day, to total thermal regulation minimizing daylighting’s impact on the thermal envelope of the building and potentially reducing its HVAC loads.

What does this all mean? With Solatube, you have unequal technologies for delivering for delivering the greatest amount of light with the lowest thermal impact, making Solatube the undisputed industry leader in efficiently harvesting daylight. Solatube continually leads the industry in meeting and exceeding standards across the board including anti-terrorism and high velocity hurricanes zone requirements.

Solatube is the only tubular daylighting company to provide complete consultation from design through installation with industry leading daylighting consultants, as well as proprietary software to accurately model your daylighting design to ensure it needs your performance goals.

This formula of brilliant technologies paired with exceptional consultation is what has led to widespread success across a range of applications on nearly every continent. At Solatube we believe daylighting is a human right. We’re passionate and diligent about delivering the industry’s best daylighting products and service for one simple reason – we care deeply about people being able to work, learn, and connect in natural light.

So let Solatube help create bright, beautiful environments where people love to work and learn. Where they feel their best and can accomplish the most, where they can truly… shine.

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