Search Engine Provider

Transform their spae with a unique CUSTOM Dormakaba Operable Partition!

Working in one of the leading search engine providers we created an extremely custom solution for their kitchen area that could be hidden away during times that were required.

Working alongside B+H Architects and S.G Cunningham, we created two very custom opening solution that are fully automatic with outstanding acoustics dividing two meeting spaces. There are two completely different designs on the search engine guru’s application: one side is a custom print and the other is a specially customized shaped solution that was specifically requested by the designers. 

What is Dormakaba?

Dormakaba consists of a series of product designs for modern living spaces that are increasingly, flexible and perfect for space utilization that is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibtion centres, studios, and similar.

Intelligent solutions are needed that facilitate multifunctional room configuration combined with openness and – when required – transparency as well. Without moveable wall systems, you have the capability of harmoniously combining daylight flooded and sound insulated room concepts.




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