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renlita is a manufacturer of custom operable opening solutions based in texas, usa.

Renlita has a varied collection of inspiring products for vertical, horizontal openings. S-500, S-1000, S-2000, S-3000, and Sovereign that carry a wide variety of options and capabilities. These products are ideal to be used in Retail, Commercial, and Residential applications.


Renlita S-1000 Floataway

Renlita’s Floataway Single Leaf counterweight balanced door makes a bold statement for industrial and residential spaces. Each door is designed and manufactured individually with the capacity to accept a wide variety of sizes, claddings, and glazing patterns that have the potential to radically transform your building. Its superior design and rigid quality control ensures a long service life.

When opening, the door tilts and travels upward coming to rest in a horizontal configuration immediately below the header. The S-1000 Floataway counterweight balance door design is suitable for openings up to 30 feet wide and 20 feet tall. It can be motorized or operated manually depending on the door size and weight.

Renlita S-2000 Hingeaway

The Hingeway Series 2000 counterweight balanced door is designed for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. It is a custom design concept offering a wide variety of architectural features and performance options. The unique design of the S-2000 will complement the architecture of your custom project by bringing natural light into the space. A wide range of cladding and/or glazing materials in a variety of colours to suit your design specifications.

When opening, the door folds along a horizontal hinge and moves upwards. Flush mount bottom panels open until it is horizontal and creates an awning effect when completely open, suitable for opening sizes up to 30 feet wide by 20 feet tall.

Renlita S-3000 Foldaway

Foldaway S-3000 counterweight balanced door spans up to 90 feet to make an exceptional statement for any residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Each project is customized to meet your design specifications. Mathematical calculations are used in order to achieve the appropriate counterweight balance for every door produced, thereby increasing both the safety and physical appearance of the finished product.

When opening, the door folds along a central hinge and moves upward, coming to rest in a horizontal configuration immediately below the header. Dimensions of the door can vary according to the application. Each door is individually designed, and is suitable for opening sizes up to 90 feet wide and 30 feet tall.

Renlita S-500 Liftaway

Lift Away S-500 counterweight balanced door system offers versatility and customizable features to exceed your design expectations Each Lift Away door system is engineered and fabricated to meet your design specifications.

Minimal amount of jamb space is needed for this type of door system, and the entire structural load is carried at the jambs, meaning no attachment to the header.

When opening, the door raises straight up to a designated height. Dimensions of the door vary according to the application and cladding materials. Mathematical calculations are completed to ensure appropriate balance. The Lift Away can be motorized or used manually.

Renlita Sovereign

Renlita Sovereign is a contemporary strategy for vertical sectional doors. This door opens effortlessly by folding vertically, featuring no overhead tracks to obscure the ceiling. Sovereign creates a safer environment and a more efficient use of valuable space. This door is the ultimate in style and strength. The sovereign door is suitable for glazed panels which are secured by glazing bead, neophrene, or PVC wedges. Panel heights are normally an even division of the opening height. Standard finish is clear anodized or powder coat to select colours.

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