University of Michigan

School of Nursing

Project Description

University of Michigan, School of Nursing is ranked in the Top10, with its five nursing programs. Their aim is to improve health of society through the education of nurses for leadership in science education and practice roles.

Located on a tight site overlooking the Huron River Valley, the building embraces the campus architectural vernacular, serving as a beacon to the Ann Arbor community on the north end of the campus.

Working with general contractor, Turner Construction and architects RDG, Bravura was specified to create a wall separation in a state of art learning and presentation space on the main level of the building.

The product chosen was the Skyfold Classic 55. This product was the perfect fit due to its acoustical abilities, ease of use and the ability to maintain the modernization of the overall building. One of the unique features utilized was choosing 3 different types of finish on this Skyfold application. At the turn of a key, this custom powerlift partition glides down the ceiling, creating two rooms within a minute.

Project Details

Client U of M, Nursing
Contractor Turner Construction
Product Used Skyfold Classic 55
Location Michigan, USA


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