University of Michigan

Medical Clinical Simulation Center

Project Description

Skyfold was chosen as part of the newly remodeled medical department for the University of Michigan’s Clinical Simulation Space. The two vertically folding Classic 55 Skyfold systems play a key part in not only the development of the space but also how the students learn in a excellent environment.

Each Skyfold retractable partition is used to separate either a classroom or a breakdown room where the students can reflect on the processes they are taking to further their medical knowledge. These two systems are finished in a steel Markerboard surface. The acoustical separation received by using the Skyfolds gives the students the personal focus needed to accelerate their learning.

Bravura is very pleased to be an intricate part of this the University of Michigan’s approach to not only revamp their existing spaces but to continue working hard in hand with the school to make their new build flexible space decisions simple, beautiful, and very much usable in a quick and effective way.

The Skyfold Classic series has four unique models that offer acoustic ratings up to STC 60. Each of the products have been manufactured with automatic, rigid, flat, and retractable acoustic moveable walls providing openings up to 36ft high with no width limit. All products from the Classic series are customizable and offer exceptional finishes. Which makes this product perfect for any style or design.


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