Law Firm NYC

Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu. P.C.

A New York law firm decides to raise the bar and moves to one of the most well-known addresses on the planet. 

The new location, which comprises a full floor at 4 Times Square, embodies a fresh and relaxing atmosphere for its clients and staff. Moodwall P2, full height glass walls with inline sliding glass doors provide both privacy and a sense of space.

Project Details: 

Design Team: Gerner Kronick + Valcarel, Architects Jutta Ishii

Contruction Management: Cross Management Corporation

Local Distributor: Modernfoldstyles

Client: Law Firm NYC

Size: 41,000 sq. ft / 600 lineal ft. of architectural demountable walls

Completion Date: January 2017

Moodwall Project Specifications: 

  • Moodwall P2 frameless 1/2″ tempered glass with clear anodized finish
  • Inline 1/2″ sliding tempered glass doors
  • 1/2″ tempered glass slab swing doors
  • Presa glass door clamps and track system for sliding doors
  • SERE mortise patch lockset for glass slab door
  • KERE 60″ locking ladder pull
  • hh2 hydraulic hinge for glass slab door
  • bh3 butt hinge for glass slab door


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