lakeshore water treatment plant

Innisfil, Ontario

Product Used

Kalwall / Structures Unlimited


Innisfil, Ontario

Project Description

Lakeshore Water Treatment Plant in Innisfil, Ontario went through extensive renovations to their facility to help reduce the risks to source water quality.

Working alongside Maple Reinder General Contractors and designers Ch2mhill Canada Architects we were able to successfully install Kalwall Translucent Panels and a Structures Unlimited system. We installed multiple Kalwall Skylights standard translucent panel systems of 12″ x 24″ grid spanning over 47 feet.

The Lakeshore Water Treatment Plant are extremely happy with the overall result and requested onsite training to help remove and reinstall the Skylights.


The primary element of the Kalwall system is a flat or curved structural composite sandwich panel formed by permanently bonding specially formulated, fibreglass-reinforced translucent faxes to a grid core constructed of interlocked, structural aluminum/composite, thermally broken I-beams.

The natural thermal properties of the sandwich panel can deliver increased energy performance by the inclusion of translucent fiberglass “batts” or aerogel during the manufacturing process and by specifying a fully thermally broken grid core.

Kalwall panels are installed with the efficient, prove Clamp-tite™ aluminum system.

Structures Unlimited

The sky is the limit with this lightweight panel system combined with aluminum box beams to form a total composite system that is pre-engineered and delivered from a single-source. The structures are ideal for linking buildings or providing weather protection. The systems can be canopies, monumental skylights or entire free-standing buildings with an outstanding aluminum structure which is lightweight, low-maintenance enclosure with clearspans of over 100 feet.

All the systems from Structures Unlimited are engineered to withstand the toughest environments from hail storms and hurricane winds, to high snow and meets or exceeds most demanding code requirements. Kalwall translucent panels are secured to aluminum box beams members to form a rigid, cohesive structure. The unique panel overlap system provides a “shingle effect”, virtually eliminating leaks, while the Kalwall thermally broken system improves the building envelope performance by reducing solar heat gain, heat loss and diffuse, natural daylight that can fill any area with shadowless illumination.

Product Features

  • Spans over 100 feet
  • Low solar heat gain coefficients
  • Thermal Performance up to R-20
  • Low maintenance required
  • Engineering and design assistance
  • Single source responsibility
  • Fast reliable installation

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