Product Used

Line Systems


Brussels, Belgium


Project Description

The Buro and Design Centre located in Brussels in Belgium is a building that offers companies multifunctional workspaces that companies of any size can rent offices and grow their office area as their business grows.

 BDC Architects needed more than just Gypsum walls to divide the space to be able to accomplish the flexible space they required. They needed to create mix of glazed and gypsum solutions that enabled for both privacy between different companies but also modularity for when those companies grow and need to increase their office areas.

 Line Systems provide Double-Leaf Glass Skin Doors for the entrance of every companies office and throughout all floors of the BD Centre there is Glass Skin Module panels with an astonishing 2550 x 1887mm size in key areas that enables each company to increase their occupied area or decrease it.

Product Used

Glass Skin = 2475 sq. ft
Double Leaf Glass Skin Doors with 2550 x 1887mm = 36 Units