Magnolia Elementary

Carlsbad, California

Magnolia Elementary School in Carlsbad, CA wanted to establish an inviting, comfortable, energy-efficient learning environment for their new media centre. Creative use of daylight was the answer. During a modernization program, a series of rooms were replaced with a new 2,700 square foot daylit space. With the desire to make it a shining example of new media centres, Solatube Daylighting Systems were installed to fully daylight the space without the need for modifications to the building’s structure and shell.


The purpose of the project was to utilize daylight to create a better and brighter learning environment where students can feel comfortable studying and doing research, and to reduce electric lighting energy consumption.


The media centre was retrofitted with Solatube Daylighting Systems with the idea of brightening up the space while reducing electricity consumption by displacing the need for electric lights during school hours. The results were astounding. The appearance of the furniture, carpeting, and books in the space was greatly enhanced. The use of Solatube products also balanced the interior light levels with the daylight outside, establishing glare-free views through the perimeter windows. With the new makeover and increased visual comfort, the media centre sets the stage for students to begin a lasting love for books, with frequent and extended visits to the space.


“The Solatube units make a tremendous difference in our library. The students have reacted positively to them. The blend of natural and fluorescent lighting reduces the ‘fluorescent flutter’ and seems to create a more welcoming lighting environment in our library. I also appreciate the energy saving the Solatube units provide. I am very impressed with the technology that enables them to produce such brilliant light. I think they should be installed in every school that is remodelled and included in the plans for new schools.”

Jim Boone, Principal at Magnolia Elementary School

Products Used

SolaMaster® Series

14 Solatube 12 – C (21 in / 530mm Daylighting System) with OptiView® Diffusers