Akin Gump Headquarters

Los Angeles, California

Project Description

Akin Gump is one of the biggest law firms in the world. Their headquarters in Los Angeles is located on the sixth floor of a corporate office building. There is a large open space in the main public area of the offices where they envisioned a flexible area that could divide and open a space using a thin profile black anodized sliding stacking wall system. They wanted to achieve this without compromising the seamless open experience of the space and utilize it as a flexible multi-purpose environment.

PK-30 worked closely with the designers to come up with a solution for a 46 foot wide opening using twelve sliding/stacking 3’-6” wide panels. Gensler was faced with structural beams in the area that were designed for more deflection than most operable partitions can handle. Their engineer advised them to work with a manufacturer that could provide a 1.5” margin of safety. If the floor above temporarily deflected under very heavy loading, as in a worst case scenario, the system would have this type of buffer. PK-30 consulted with it’s hardware manufacturer in Sweden to ensure that the suspension track could withstand the deflection and spring back, then PK-30 designed and engineered a “floating shoe” at the bottoms of each panel. This custom floating shoe design would allow the ceiling to deflect up to 1.5” without putting pressure on the PK-30 frame or glass. This solution allowed for smooth operational functionality even if the ceiling plane deflected by 1”.

The entire system slides and stacks into an enclosed closet hidden from view. With no continuous bottom floor guide a seamless multi-use space was achieved.

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PK30 is a meticulously designed and engineered aluminum demountable wall system providing a flexible, environmentally friendly effective way to divide interior space. The system can be used in widely varying configurations including sliding doors, pocket doors, swing doors, folding walls and fixed panels. All utilizing the same aluminum profiles resulting in a unified design program. The system accepts any .” to .” thick panel material allowing unlimited design choices.

Satin anodized finishing gives the material a soft sheen that resists corrosion and easy to clean.

Project Details

Client Akin Gump
Photo Credit Gensler
Product Used PK30 Systems
Location Century City


©Gensler / Ryan Gobuty.