Optimized Flexibility with Modernfold

Industry leader in the moveable wall concept, Modernfold delivers the highest-quality, custom wall solutions from start to finish.

When it comes to movable walls and finding a system that optimizes the flexibility of your space, without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind is Modernfold.

For nearly 95 years Modernfold has been leading the moveable wall industry, providing the highest-quality, custom wall solutions from design to execution of Installation. Where you see space Modernfold see’s possibility, offering a range of cutting-edge technology including high end acoustical glass to completely automated systems.

You never have to sacrifice style for performance with Modernfold, you can choose from a range of stunning glass, wood veneers, chem metals and plastic laminate finishes with ground breaking acoustical value.

Designed and engineered not only to look great but with the end user in mind, featuring programmable smart track for effortless set up and take down.



Equipped with the Modernfold signature Acousti-Seal® technology, Modernfold’s operable partitions represent one of the most flexible solutions to making the most of your interior space. With our operable partitions, room sizes can be changed in a matter of moments to control sound and capitalize on the most efficient use of floor space.


Convenience and automation are two highly desired features of movable walls. With ComfortDrive®, Compactline® glass panels can be moved to a variety of individually pre-programmed positions under fully automatic control. The control interface takes the form of a user-friendly touch pad that can be programmed to maximize your space in a variety of applications.

Glass Wall Systems

Modernfold Glass Wall Systems (GWS) add new openness to your space, making natural light a welcomed addition to any design. Elegance takes physical shape with these walls, becoming a tool with architects and interior designers who can craft unique and welcoming environments in uses as diverse as corporate, retail and entertainment.

Accordion Doors

Accordion doors and partitions from Modernfold, putting space to new use is as simple as drawing a curtain. 

Are you looking to increase the flexibility or functionality of your space?

Well look no further, Modernfold has the perfect solution waiting for you!


Do you want to learn more about Modernfold? You can check our download section for brochures, CAD drawings and more. You can also contact us with any question you may have.