O Canada – Cottage Edition

Happy Canada Day, Eh!

There’s nothing better than spending Canada Day at the cottage, there’s nothing more breathtaking than a cottage in the Kawarthas, and there isn’t a more iconic cottage than the Wandich Residence on Stoney Lake designed by Jim Strasman at Strasman Architects Inc.

In 1983 this project was given the House of the Year Award from Architectural Record, and in 2014 the OAA Landmark Designation Award.

Located on the north shore of Stoney Lake, this lake house is nestled into the surrounding landscape and incorporates the natural beauty of the Canadian Shield.  Situated to capture both the surreal sunrises and sunsets that even the best Instagram filters can’t do justice on, this steel and glass bridge residence is cantilevered partially over the lake so the occupants maintain a full view throughout the day of the prestigious Stoney Lake. 

Shortly after completion in the early 1980s, the property was used in filming television shows such as All My Children, and movies such as The In-Laws with Michael Douglas.

A few hundred meters directly across the lake from the Wandich Residence is Hawkstone Manor, home to the legendary Ronnie “The Hawk” Hawkins (up until The Hawk sold the main estate in 2017).  Hawkstone Manor has been enjoyed by many celebrities over the years such as John Lennon with Yoko Ono, Kenny Rogers, Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot recorded the hit “Sundown” here, but nothing is more Canadian than RUSH who wrote songs such as “Tom Sawyer” while they were staying at the Hawkstone Manor which overlooked the Wandich Residence. 

Jim Strasman has been a well known architectural influencer for decades, but in this writer’s opinion, I believe that Mr. Strasman’s creativity inspired Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and the late (and great) Neil Pearty to make one of the greatest Canadian albums of all time, Moving Pictures.

And with that, let’s all raise our glasses of an extra spicy Caesar or a pint of your favorite Canadian brew to Jim Strasman and the team at Strasman Architects for all of their inspirational architectural work that is truly Canadian!

Happy Canada Day, eh!


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