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brilliant and beautifully unique, highly customizable modern demountable partition systems designed in california.

Designed for the North American market in response to a growing need for contemporary architectural products. It looks great, is competitively priced and has a minimal installation time. It offers a complete turn-key approach with glass that is sourced locally to ensure on time project turn arounds.

Modernus boasts three outstanding products the Lama which is a minimalist glass partitioning system, Fimo which is a truly unique wood module that is available in custom finishes to meet your design specifications and decor choices and the Seven has been designed to integrate smoothly with the Fimo and Lama and promotes a high acoustical performance. 



The Lama system is an elegant, flexible glass system that was specifically developed to be easy to install and easy to specify. It is effortlessly configurable as a single or double glaze system and offers swing, sliding and pocket door options as well as being fully compatible. Its’ sophisticated flexibility allows for an easy transition between the single and double glazed features.

The extrusions have 19 standard and 250 custom options available – the largest number of options available on the market – any style, any door type! All door types have full gaskets at every gap to minimize sound transmission. It has the highest STC rating of any glass partitioning system, single glazed up to STC 39 and double glazed up to STC 49, depending on the glass thickness.


The Fimo sliding modules integrates all the latest door technologies with shock absorbers, self closers, and the absence of a bottom track. Incredible wood, metal and many other tones are available to balance the glass rooms. It is easy to install and integrates with the Modernus Lama Office system for a continuous coplanar look with no visible metal edges.

Modernus uses the most advanced construction technology on the market, including: magnetic latch sets, concealed hinges, and tension bars. The sliding panels use the same sliding door technology as the glass sliders. The blind modules are pre-finished and can integrate a variety of accessories including; shelving units, monitors, white boards and screens. Fimo is available in custom veneers or lacquered finishes.


Seven is a high performing demountable wall system from Modernus. It has been designed to tackle real world design and installation issues with a modular construction to be prescriptive and flexible at the same time. Offering a high level of versatility that allows you to address any design needs whether it is light penetration, acoustical isolation, environmental isolation or power and data management.

The system has been designed to meet your specifications with an acoustical performance of 55dB sound reduction and a variety of glazing options that maximize the benefit of natural light. 

Modernus Seven is available with an unlimited number of finishes and materials to meet your design requirements and can be fully integrated with the Fimo and Lama Systems. 

wood, fabric, glass, metal, acoustical panels, writable surfaces, resin, digital:

no other product can match the design flexibility of fimo, lama or seven.

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