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Modernfold Introduce 51 STC Acoustic Glass

Modernfold has introduced a new, technologically advanced 51 STC Acoustic Glass Panel for the Modernfold Acousti-Clear® Wall Systems which deliver a breakthrough combination of sound control and design aesthetics that empowers a range of fresh architectural solutions.

Acousti-Clear® wall systems have always provided a lasting, visually appealing, superbly flexible way to structure and restructure interior spaces. Previously, they have provided a sleek, high-end look of glass which 45 STC, and 50 STC for solid panel structures. The innovative, exclusive 51 STC rating now available for acoustical glass empowers a range of new possibilities, transforming the way creative designers consider glass walls within a variety of spaces requiring space flexibility and sound control.

Along with the new industry leading high STC glass option, users may choose clear tempered, low iron, and frosted glass varieties. The previous 45 STC glass will remain standard for Acousti-Clear® products where 51 STC is now a highly desired option.

Modernfold’s new 51 STC sound control advancement will be offered in all three product lines: Acousti-Clear® Motorized, Acousti-Clear® Automatic, and Acousti-Clear® Demountable, thus changing the dynamics of the entire acoustical glass wall industry.

In addition, we have also added a new 135° angle post to the Acousti-Clear® Motorized product. This new angle post will allow for enhanced flexibility with layout design.


Modernfold operable partitions are used to easily and efficently transform space and manage sound in interior environments. They are available in heights up to 30 feet and come in a variety of skin and finish options to meet the design and aesthetic requirements of each individual project.




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