From clear to opaque – as if by Magic

Magic Glass by Dormakaba

Or the other way round: Because you can also turn a milky opaque glass element into a clear, transparent panel – at the flick of the same wall or remote control switch. DORMA Hüppe’s new Magic Glass elements further extend the application possibilities of its portfolio of partitions and moveable walls for even greater flexibility in acoustically efficient spatial management.

Discretion when required

Transparency is an essential design component in any modern room configuration.  However, exposing the partitioned rooms to full view is not always desirable – conferences, customer meetings and working groups may well wish to switch their Magic Glass elements to opaque to avoid disruption, disturbance or prying eyes.

Repeat any number of times

Liquid crystals in a conductive layer create this amazing phenomenon witnessed in Magic Glass.  As soon as an electric current is passed through the two layers, the crystals arrange themselves in tight order and the Magic Glass element becomes transparent.  The state is adopted within an instant and can be repeated any number of times.

MAGIC Glass can be incorporated as standard in MOVEO Glass partitions up to a maximum panel size of 1,200 x 3,000 mm. Other dimensions are possible on request. Individual elements within the glass partition can also be equipped with Magic Glass panels and separately operated for a partial effect.




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