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Line systems develop and manufacture demountable office partitions.

Glass Acoustic

Line Systems have created a solution to focus on both the aesthetics and acoustics to fit a variety of high-quality specifications for the consumer. The Glass Acoustic is built with two glass panels which enables an attractive design with an acoustic performance up to 46 dB Rw. The partition also allows for a choice of single or double glazing further increasing the customization of each project.

Glass Slim T

The Glass Slim system has a main profile and slim glass side that covers both on the ceiling and the floor. It was developed to be aesthetically pleasing and add a minimal and stylish look to every office.

Glass Slim is a solution that offers a unique experience in the modern space partitioning sector.

Glass Skin

Skin is an office partition of superior performance, conceptualized for high-end projects where the concepts of robustness and minimalism are both present.

It is a structural partition that gives the feeling that it is built only with glass, with no vertical profiles in sight. The Glass Skin was developed in order to enable an acoustic performance of 40 dB Rw and up to 49 dB Rw without compromising the aesthetics.

PA 100

PA100 is a modular demountable partition that is composed of double independent panels allowing access points throughout its length. The system was developed according to the principles of modern partitioning systems. It is a versatile structure that allows for a wide range of finish options that include glass.  It is the perfect solution for dynamic spaces.

WOD: Glass Acoustic & Glass Slim

WOD stands for Workplace Optimization Doorset. 

WOD Glass Acoustic and Glass Slim are not a typical sliding door. They are a system with the goal of enhancing workplace optimization, by providing a functional space-saving door with both acoustics and aesthetics at its core. It was developed to integrate seamlessly with the Glass Acoustic and Glass Slim profiles. 

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