Exclusive system straight out of Europe!

We are excited to announce that we are launching a true industry disruptor, Line Systems!

In a market plagued with products that acoustically underperform, have extended lead times, and come with heavy price tags, Line Systems is being introduced in North America to change everything. Line Systems offer state-of-the-art demountable systems that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising design or features.

We will be distributing Line in Ontario and throughout Canada. Line Systems produce innovative, flexible, demountable systems that meet the high-specification office environments of today’s every-changing design trends.

Some of the Line Systems features you can expect:

  • High Acoustics
  • Quick & Easy Installations
  • Aesthetics without Compromise
  • Advanced Adjustability
  • Short Lead Times

Learn more

You can learn more about Line Systems at www.bravuradesign.com/line or contact us at +1 800-803-1235


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