LaCantina & Indoor Sky Earn Product Innovation Award

Product Innovation Award (PIA)

The Product Innovation Award (PIA) are judged by an impartial and diverse panel of 28 independent judges. Including architects, interior designers, lighting designers and A/E/C writers the PIA winners represent this year’s most innovative and outstanding products.

We supply not one, but two of this years winners that are featuring in the November 2016 PIA winners. LaCantina and our latest edition – Indoor Sky.

For the third consecutive year, LaCantina has earned a prestigious 2016 Product Innovation by architectural products. LaCantinas new Vinyl Folding system brings high quality contemporary styling to the vinyl door market. LaCantina Vinyl is energy efficient, low maintenance, performs well in all environments and matches popular vinyl window packages, making it the ideal solution for home renovations and custom home builders.

Secondly, We would like to introduce you to this innovative product that was a winner for the most innovative product in the Solar Control and Shading product area for the 2016 PIA.

Dayliter Shading System that reduces solar shade fabrics but not at the expense of natural daylight. These products offer a operable fabric lightshelves with integral roller shades, the system expands the daylight zone with the building by bouncing glare-free daylight onto the ceiling – or adjacent light shelf. Lightshelves may be up to 96in wide x 22in deep with deeper designs available. 

You can find out more about LaCantina here

You can find out more about Indoor Sky here

Lighting up Metea in the literal sense comes largely from the extensive use of Kalwall translucent curtain wall throughout the school. Upon coming through the school’s main entrance, visitors are struck by the cheerful, airy, daylighted lobby. Controlled daylight also pours into the school’s innermost areas, traditionally a structure’s darkest, from the courtyards.




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