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The primary element of the Kalwall system is a flat or curved structural composite sandwich panel formed by permanently bonding specially formulated, fibreglass-reinforced translucent faxes to a grid core constructed of interlocked, structural aluminum/composite, thermally broken I-beams.

The natural thermal properties of the sandwich panel can deliver increased energy performance by the inclusion of translucent fiberglass “batts” or aerogel during the manufacturing process and by specifying a fully thermally broken grid core.

Kalwall panels are installed with the efficient, prove Clamp-tite aluminum system.

Museum Quality Daylight

The power of diffused, balanced daylight. Unlike other glazing products Kalwall provides predictable, beautiful, glare-free daylight that blocks harmful rays. 

Energy Savings

Offering dramatic savings in energy consumption. With a wide range of translucent insulation options for thermal performance to reduce HVAC heating and cooling.

Comfort & Wellness

Studies show that a high correlation between daylighting and increased human comfort. Especially true when glare is eliminated and eye fatigue is reduced. 


Add superior light quality, views to the outdoors along with natural ventilation to enhance indoor environmental quality and people thrive. 

Structural Performance

Kalwall is not a glazing panel, it is a structural sandwich with outstanding load capacity and structural integrity that polycarbonate systems and insulated glass units simply cannot match.

Lightweight Materials

With a high stength-to-weight ratio the Kalwall panels are both strong and lightweight. Making the installation process easier and reduces extraneous structural support.

Low Maintenance

The panel’s FRP faces have self-cleaning properties, are resistant to dirt and particulate build up and can handle harsh chemical and environment exposure.


Kalwall manufactures the best in the industry, Super-weathering formulated FRP faces that are far superior to look-a-like products and commercial grade polymers.

“The most highly insulated light transmitting fenestration system

on the market can exceed 400% vs. standard glazing systems.”

Wooden Module Door

Wall Systems

Kalwall’s translucent wall systems offer a friendly, elegant side lighting solution. From single story to mid-rise construction, Kalwall wall systems transform sunlight into glare-free daylight to enhance any space. 

Unitized Curtain Walls 

Factory unitized systems add operating or fixed vision glazing, louvers or opaque panels to the Kalwall panels, and makes for rapid, easy installation. The unitized curtain wall system integrates translucent panels with fixed or operable glazing units, opaque panels, and louvers, etc, for single or multi story applications. 

Window Replacement 

Savings from retrofitting with Kalwall – the most highly insulated light transmitting fenestration system on the market can exceed 400% us. standard glazing systems. The Kalwall systems are virtually maintenance free, and offer increased security compared to typical glass retrofits, for both increased impact resistant and vandalism. 

Specialty Applications 

Kalwall Facade Systems can be custom engineered to meet a variety of specialty applications including:

  • Hurricane rated walls & windows
  • High impact options
  • Class A fire ratings
  • Blast resistant construction
  • Factory mutural certified systems
  • Explosion venting system



Budget friendly, flat curb-type skylights are available in standard 1′ increments, either 4′ or 5′ wide, from 4′ to 20′ long. Units are curb ready, with factory sealed aluminum perimeters, for rapid install.


Factory pre-engineered in three standard pitches, from 4′ to 20′ wide, in even one foot increments. Pyramids are designed for rapid installation from the outside and may be removed.


A stunning and cost effective top lighting opening, Geo-roofs® come form 8′ to 24′. Geos are a favourite in retail and lobby areas, as diffuse daylighting bathes areas below and showcases good with perfect colours.

    Wooden Module Door
    Wooden Module Door


    Pre-Engineered Skyroofs® 

    Flat or curves, these systems span up to 24′ offering the ultimate in energy-efficient, diffuse daylighting. Designed to withstand hurricane force winds and high snow loads, all are OSHA fall-through compliant.

    Custom Skyroofs®

    For bespoke top lighting applications, our custom skyroofs offer designers even greater flexibility by combining Kalwall panels with sub-structures designed and installed by others.

    Clearspan™ Systems

    Take daylighting to another level by combining lightweight, aluminum sub-structures with Kalwall panels to form large clearspan skyroofs or complete building frames by Structures Unlimited.

    Specialty Applications

    Windborne debris resistance Missile D (Hurricane rated), blast resistant assemblies, removable roofs, motorized/operable roofs, and factory mutual rated roof assemblies (FM 4471) are available. For bespoke top lighting applications, our custom skyroofs offer designers even greater flexibility by combining Kalwall panels with sub-structures designed and installed by others.

      Canopies & Walkways


      Our canopies offer unlimited design flexibility, and can be curved, segmented, flat or tiered. Balanced diffuse lighting helps visual acuity in transitional spaces and general navigation.


      Our walkways offer great protection from the elements, when privacy and durability are as important as daylighting. Impact resistant and man-safe, Kalwall is a great choice for high traffic areas.

      Pre-Engineered Structures

      Our turn key canopy systems marry precision engineered structural aluminum framing members with Kalwall panels for larger spans or more structurally demanding clearspan™ walkways. Single source from the curb up, with rapid installation.

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