Flexibility in Design

Easily adapt areas to suit your changing requirements

In todays busy environment with ever changing technology, a well-designed workplace should change effortlessly according to the task at hand (ie: Multi meeting room facility to a town hall configuration). Developing areas that can be easily adapted to suit changing requirements is an essential element of design. Smart choices in office furniture and design with flexibility in mind will see your workplace become more productive. 

Part of designing flexible layouts is the need for furniture and spaces that will adapt to new and changing requirements. Modular soft seating, workbenches, collaborative and breakout furniture, and operable walls – are examples of smart office choices to support a well-designed, high functioning and adaptable workplace.

The resurgence of privacy and acoustics in the workplace have shown themselves in many ways. From the ability to provide workers with options that match their work preferences and adopting the idea of different task based work spaces. Walls are essential even in the most open of spaces. Increased functionality is now available when enclosing saces with the availability of operable walls. Operable walls save clients cost (real estate) and time. They also allow for ongoing tweaking of a design as an organization changes.

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