Delivering First Class Daylighting Solutions

Modernizing Educational Spaces with Tubular Daylighting

Solatube has deep experience delivering natural lighting systems into schools to create healthier and more productive learning environments. From new construction to retrofit, we have all the models and configurations that will provide immediate and impactful change for everyone in the building. 

Simple Math: More Natural Light = Better Performance

Natural light has been proven to deliver a wide variety of benefits in an educational environment, from improved focus and mental alertness (shown to increase test scores) to greater productivity, better student health and reduced abenteeism. And the impact isn’t limited to students. Teachers experience better moods, productivity and effectiveness as well.

Maximum Light Delivery

Solatube’s proprietary daylighting technologies capture, transfer, and deliver more natural light than any other system. With unique domes to capture even low and late-date light, plus 99.7% specular reflectivity from our tubes, Solatube maximizes light delivery, producing even, balanced light. 

Total Control of Your Lighting

Whether you want the room to be fully bright for kids to work or darkened down for presentations, or even combinations within the room for different work areas, it’s all possible with Solatube’s dimmer technologies. You can control daylight levels with our 0-10V Daylight Dimmer, which works seamlessly with virtually any lighting control system. 

Minimum Heat Gain

With integrated features to minimize heat gain, from heat0reflecting domes to thermal insulation panels, the result is a level of physical comfort that matches Solatube’s visual comfort. And the tubes also filter out UV light to keep everyone and everything underneath protected from harmful rays. 




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