The Essentials to an Amazing Workplace

Getting the workplace environment is key to a successful office, it can affect motivation and productivity in multiple ways. Your workplace may not need a refurbishment or redesign, but it may need changes to inspire your employees. 

Here are some of the essential elements of an amazing workplace:

Keeping it Simple

In 2018, we are more flexible with our workplace technology as for laptops, tablets, and phones are portable and can travel with us, wherever we go. Therefore distractions are increased but the workplace could boost productivity with its surroundings.

A clean and simple space with minimal clutter, nice views, natural daylighting with simple graphics, art or sculptures is great as they aid creativity and lift the general mood.

Flexible Solutions & Noise

What level of noise works for your workspace or for your employees? If you’ve got a mix of people working in one space, then you need to figure out what works best for your space to minimize distraction and boost productivity. 

Glass partitions, walls, and demountable systems can be a great addition to any office space. They create a natural divide to give people privacy and quiet, however, they still give the feeling of an open space that is not closed off into lots of separate offices of cubicles. 

Modern Ways to Work

More and more offices are moving away from the traditional work surface of desk and chair, with the aim of creating a more relaxed environment to aid creativity and teamwork.

Sofas and lounge furniture are great for relaxation or brainstorm areas, but not necessarily for long hours of work and can have comfort and health implications if used for too long. You can provide tables in a more relaxed setting in small clusters or high stools and counters as an alternative, and also why not consider standing pods for those who prefer to stand instead of sitting to do their work?

Standing up to work is becoming increasingly popular as the nation becomes more health-conscious as it’s always good to give people various options. 

A Question of Light

Nothing beats natural lighting, however, you don’t always have the luxury of having it in abundance. It is important to find out the options that will be the best solution for your workspace to boost your employees’ health and motivation.

If you try to keep wall colours light and fresh this can make the overall space seem lighter and airier than darks or vibrant colours.

Depending on the location of your workspace, Solatube Daylighting Systems is an amazingly simple and affordable way to brighten any dark room in your space. Using our revolutionary design, you can capture sunlight on your rooftop, redirect it down a highly reflective shaft and diffuse it throughout your interior space.




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