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Case Study

LEA Architects Inc. (Lacocque Elder Architects, Architets, Inc.) is a firm continuously striving to build constructive relationships with its clients while continuously refining their client-focused approach. LEA Architects Inc. takes pride in being a leader in ecologically based design, resulting in environmentally responsible developments that do not compromise design excellence.

All of LEA’s projects incorporate innovative environmental initiatives to address issues such as earth-integrated architecturs, daylighting strategies, geothermal energy, improved indoor air quality, recycled material products and much, much more. LEA Architects Inc is a leader in sustainable architectural design and their project, St. Victor School is proof of that.

St. Victor School, located in Mattawa, Ontario is a modern take on the centuries old standard school design. You won’t find punched windows or a typical trick exterior here. Aluminum panels, mahogany longboard and slim profile black frame windows define the exterior design however, the use of uninterrupted Kalwall spanning over 17 feet tall illuminates the gymnasium with glare free spectrum daylight. 




What is Kalwall and how do the panels create natural, excellent daylighting?

Kalwall is a structural insulated composite sandwich panel formed by permanently bonding specially formulated fiberglass-reinforced translucent faces to a grid core of interlocked, structural aluminum/composite thermally broken I-beams.

Kawall diffuses light so efficiently that even direct sunlight is converted into evenly-distributed daylighting without any glare or shadows. Kalwall’s unique composition reduces solar heat gain while also maximizing thermal insulation. With R-Values from 2 up to 20 it’s difficult not to see the benefits of this amazing product.

Panels may also be selected to transmit various percentages of light according to individual requirements. The standard 2 3/4″ thick panel offers a R-Value up to 20.4″ panels are also available to increase the maximum span, as in the case of the St. Victor School. 


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