Skyfold Wall installed in COBO Center Grand Riverview Ballroom

The COBO Center (formerly known as COBO Hall) is a convention center located in downtown Detroit, Michigan with views overlooking the Detroit River and Windsor. It is a world renowned meeting and convention center that doubles as a hotel and entertainment venue. It went under extensive renovations October 1, 2009.

COBO Center was originally designed by local architects Giffels & Vallet. On Phase III of this project, we worked alongside owners and contractors Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority and general contractor Turner Construction to create a flexible space with Skyfold that would not only be sustainable but bring additional innovation to the already very innovative COBO Center. Skyfold was used in the Grand Riverview Ballroom entrance with a 32ft high and 20ft wide panelling. There are also two other Skyfold installations that are located in the basement that act as room separtors that house extra material and equipment used during events. 

Skyfold walls are acoustic, retractable, operable, vertical folding walls that operate automatically with a push of a button and stores in the ceiling to save space. Skyfold Classic walls have added a sense of decoration and practicality to this Phase III of the COBO Center.

The Skyfold Classic Series has four unique and different models that offer acoustic ratings up to STC 60. all the products have been manufactured with automatic, rigid, flat, and retractable acoustic moveable walls providing openings up to 36′ high and no width limit. All products from the Classic series are customizable and offers exceptional finishes which make this product is a perfect fit for designers, architects and contractors to incorporate into any style of their designs and maximize the use of the space that is available.




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