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Bravura attend Building Expo in Munich, Germany.

In an effort to be the market leader in North America for architectural products, Bravura continuously searches the globe for market and design trends, innovative new products, and sustainable solutions.  At the BAU trade fair in Munich last month, the largest trade show for architectural products, Kalwall continued to shine as the worldwide trailblazers in daylighting excellence.

With 17 halls spanning 2,000,000 square feet, and welcoming over 250,000 visitors from around the world, Kalwall was able to showcase their technologically advanced daylighting systems.  Since 1955, Kalwall has been the innovator of highly insulating, museum quality daylighting wall and skyroof systems.  With their architecturally inspired stylish new internal grid patterns, and industry leading R20 insulation values, Kalwall’s booth at BAU was considered a “hot spot” for architects and engineers from around the world.  

With 20 internal structural grid core patterns, architects are provided a variety of design oriented options right off the shelf, as well as the option of creating their own custom design to suit their specific project.

Unlike transparent glazing materials, Kalwall scatters visible light waves providing even, diffuse daylighting to interior spaces no matter the position of the sun. Kalwall also meets target daylight levels while transmitting lower percentages of visible light, when compared to conventional vision glazing, due to a process called lambertian diffusion.

This phenomenon is also why artists have long preferred northern light which is naturally diffused by the atmosphere. Kalwall provides museum-quality daylighting™ that is balanced without areas of high contrast, hot spots or glare eliminating the need for additional light redirection or shading devices on all elevations of the building.  Kalwall’s power to diffuse daylight also means that light penetrates much deeper into interiors, reducing artificial light usage during the daytime.

Kalwall recently celebrated its 60th anniversary of providing museum-quality daylighting to building occupants all over the world. Our company dates back to the invention of the original translucent sandwich panel by inventor and company founder Robert R. Keller, Sr. in 1955. No other company in the world has dedicated more years, resources, creativity and innovation into the science and art of daylighting. Kalwall provides building designers and owners with the most advanced  technologies in the world to fulfill their own visions of creating better building for people that balance performance, economy, and beauty.




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