Making Back to School “Lit”

With Solatube Tubular Daylighting Devices

It’s that time of the year again, kids go back to school and everyone scrambles to find normality in their lives! Walmarts across North America are lined up with carts filled with discounted lined paper, Lightning McQueen backpacks, and those really cool pens that have four colours all in one. Parents consult social media to make sure they are providing of the best tools for their children to succeed in school, which then helps them succeed in life. Hours are spent researching which laptop or tablet to invest in, and trying to configure parental controls on their new and “easy-to-us” router (which never really is as easy to use as the guy in the polo and khakis made it seem to be in the store). Little Billy has everything he needs for his first day back, paper, pens, 128 different pencil colours, eighteen erasers, and shoes that light up when he struts down the halls (still not as cool as my ’92 Reebok Pumps). Mom spend an hour last night snooping through the new teacher’s Facebook photos in hopes to find that she is a descendant of Mary Poppins, and even dad went through the album named “Cabo Girlz Trip!” (but apparently, he accidentally clicked that one). It seems as through everything has been checked off the list – or has it?

The environment in which children learn in has a much greater effect on their test scores and their enjoyment of learning than a new pair of shoes.

Math and Reading Improved with Daylight

Classroom lighting plays a particularly critical role in studies. Appropriate lighting improves test scores, reduces off-task behaviour and plays a significant role in students’ achievement. A study by Alberta Education titled “A Study into the effects of Light on Children of Elementary School Age,” have proven that students with the most classroom daylight progressed faster in one year on math tests and reading tests than those students who learned in environments that received the least amount of natural light. 

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Daylight improves test scores in three school systems by up to 26%

A study of three school systems in Washington, Colorado and California found that students in rooms with the most diffuse and glare-free daylight improved their performance on standardized tests by up to 26%. The study analyzed test score results for over 21,000 students.  

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Bravura is the commercial installing distributor of Solatube Daylighting Devices for Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada. Products that can just as easily be installed in a new school build, or retrofit into existing schools, that are cost effective, and are designed and proven for our Great Canadian Winters. Not only are these products easy to drop into an existing t-bar ceiling in a dark and gloomy classroom, but you can simply install them into a gymnasium to provide natural full-spectrum daylight when the weather gets too bad for outdoor gym class. Teachers, Principals, Board Trustees, students and parents have all given nothing but positive feedback on the Solatubes installed. The environment in which children learn in has a much greater effect on their test scores and their enjoyment of learning than a new pair of shoes.  Three years ago, we were approached by a member of a parent council for an older elementary school in Central Ontario who had a Solatube in his house for years and tuly believed in the health benefits. He lobbied the school to install some in a classroom with no windows, and within a few weeks, we were installing the School’s first Solatubes. Everyone loved them so much that we have installed more every year since (in fact, their third round will be installed on August 30th).




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