9 Reasons to Install a Moveable Wall

1. Cost Savings

Theres no need to hire a small team of contractors to handle the framing, wiring, exterior walls and windows. All the components with moveable walls are built directly into the individual wall sections.

2. Less Disruption of the Work Environment

Unlike traditional construction methods, moveable wall configuration stirs up no dust and requires minimal use of power tools.

3. Environmentally Friendly

About 95% of the components used in moveable wall systems are recyclable. 

4. No Paint or Varnish Fumes

Each component comes in its final colour scheme, which can be pre-selected to meet the existing decor.

5. Less Damage

Freestanding systems eliminate the need to cut into or otherwise damage the existing walls, floor or ceiling. 

6. Highly Flexible

Moveable wall systems can be configured in virtually any form according to your needs. Create temporary or long-term offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, waiting areas, etc., then rearrange them later based on your changing needs. 

7. Breakout Area

If you decide you need a break room, extra conference room, bigger reception area or an ideal space for a collaborative area, you can modify the modular system and create the new space in no time at all.  

8. Speed of Set Up

Office environment can be altered in a matter of hours, as opposed to weeks or even months minimizing the downtime. 

9. Possible Tax-Related Savings

Moveable walls are normally considered as equipment or furnishing expenditures, not permanent improvements to your building, so they usually won’t increase your property tax costs. You will need to contact your accountant or tax professional for specific details.




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