Important Update from Modernfold

7 Health Product Declarations and Enviromental Product Declarations Now Available

As our industry continues to evolve, the need for products to support safe, eco friendly environments is paramount, now more than ever. As the leader in the operable wall industry, Modernfold has, once again, placed itself at the forefront of this initiative. Modernfold is happy to announce that we are the first operable wall manufacturer to have achieved Health Product Declaration (HPD) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certifications for our products.

An HPD is a product declaration that shows detailed listings of materials and contents of a given building product and their related effects on human
health. HPDs were developed by HPD Collaborative with a view on appraising potential health hazards of applicable materials and chemicals that are
contained in the products. HPDs are self-declared and a globally recognized industry standard, which are requested by investors, architects, planners and building management companies. HPDs thus emphasize the manufacturer’s commitment to disclose product information in a transparent manner. HPDs are also recognized by the green building certification system, LEED. Modernfold is proud to have achieved both Option 1 and Option 2, pre-checked for LEED v4 Material Ingredients. This rare achievement, completed by only 5% of companies, significantly contributes to LEED requirements within a building.

EPD is a widely used industry standard, developed in accordance with international norms ISO 14025, 14040, 14044 and the European norm EN 15804.
The EPD standard creates transparency along the entire lifecycle and describes the environmental impacts of a product or product group. The Life Cycle
Assessment (LCA), which is the core element of the EPD, considers the product’s environmental impact along the value chain, starting from raw material
extraction to transport, production, distribution, use, and end-of-life. Information about materials used, energy consumption, emissions, and product lifetime are integrated in the assessment. The LCA offers a reliable calculation, as well as transparent communication of lifecycle-related environmental performance of a product. EPDs are, therefore, used by architects, for example, to calculate the footprint of an entire building.

EPDs, with their quantitative statements about the environmental performance of building products, are geared towards investors, architects, planners and building operators who seek transparency about the products used in their buildings. Thereby, EPDs are used by international architectural and  engineering firms as the basis for specifications to design sustainable buildings and recognized by the LEED building certification system.

Modernfold is able to offer these very exclusive documents on their operable wall and moveable glass products. You will be able to access the documents through their website under “Downloads – Modernfold Product Documents.” There will also be additional information on the “Sustainability” page of the website under “Explore.”

All product speicifcations have been updated to reflect the need for all submitted products to have these environmental and health safety documents as part of their bid documents. In addition, you will receive appropriate HPD and EPD documents as part of your MPM project output. 

This is a great accomplishment and yet another tool that will set Modernfold apart from the competition. 

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